Red Betty Maple Ale by Central City

Style: Red

There’s bad beer, I’m afraid. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life. While we would all enjoy believing that craft beer is always sunshine, rainbows and delicious, that is not true. And this Red Betty Maple Ale is a testament to what can go wrong when people try to fancy up hops and water.

There really is no redeeming quality to this beverage. And in the very young life of, this is the lowest scoring beer of all time, and it will likely remain that way for quite awhile.

We say drink what you like. We don’t judge. But you won’t like this, so we hope you’ll avoid it.

Red Betty Maple Ale by Central City

Red Betty Maple Ale by Central City




    • It's wet


    • Burnt meat smell
    • Acidic flavor
    • No "maple" to speak of

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