Perdomo Champagne Sun Grown

Pre-light draw presents with light wood flavors, smooth and cool.

Easy to fire up and consistent, the Champagne offers the cedar plank smoke and profile as it burns. Ample smoke comes off an easy draw that maintains throughout.

Immediately apparent though is a troubled burn which required multiple touch-ups. Not a game-changer, but not preferable.

This cigar would treat you well for an “everyday” smoke – mowing the lawn, sitting on a boat, taking in the beach.

Perdomo Champagne Sun Grown

Perdomo Champagne Sun Grown





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    1 thought on “Perdomo Champagne Sun Grown

      lam board

      (April 4, 2017 - 3:50 pm)

      I love these. I think they have been fermented to perfection and are at their peak of flavor.

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