Wisdom Seeker by Black Raven

Style: Double IPA

This Manday’s first shot across the bow – Wisdom Seeker! We consider Manday an enlightening event, so why wouldn’t this beer just be perfect? Rhetorical question. It is.

Subtle floral notes, slight hop, and an understatement with how strong a beer this is (8.9%). Could get you in trouble quickly, says the Deagle.

Most positive and not dicking around for a Double IPA, adds the Bearded Gentleman.

A glorious addition to Manday – ours, and hopefully yours.

Wisdom Seeker by Black Raven

Wisdom Seeker by Black Raven




    • Floral nose
    • Juicy, hoppy
    • Mid-range bitterness


    • Not aggressive in any particular category

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