Pistoff Kristoff Cigar Review

Smoked by Dreamy

The Pistoff Kristoff is a little unusual as far as cigars go. The name, obviously, strikes a unique chord, but the composition has its own style, too. It features a San Andres wrapper with lesser-seen Indonesian binder. Then we have a pigtail cap and, to boot (pun intended), the foot is closed off like the end of a Christmas present. I dig it.

So before I get into flavors and the like, I’ll add that I didn’t expect a ton from this cigar so I lit it up while mowing the lawn. I can’t stand grass so I generally have a smoke while I’m doing yard work to keep the allergies down.

Man, I underestimated this stick. This was good stuff!

The Pistoff starts as you might expect from the name: Strong. And it stays that way with a buttery-type of smoothness you almost never get when you have something of this strength.

The first-third starts off with a great, rich flavor akin to chocolate covered almonds. Only slight sweetness that’s complimented by cocoa and a subtle nutty note.

Going into the second-third there’s a charismatic strong espresso flavor, somewhat reminding me of a Cuban coffee.

As the coffee runs dry so to speak, a peppery spice kicks in out of nowhere to bring this stogie home, yet it remains so smooth.

This is a strong, well-done cigar that you won’t regret putting through its paces.


Pistoff Kristoff











  • Strong and smooth
  • Dark chocolate almond


  • Some may want more kick with their spice

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