Enjoy By 4.20.17 by Stone Brewing

“Brewed to be enjoyed within 37 days.” Well, we drank it within about three hours of Deagle bringing it into the Manday Monday lair.

The nose hits you immediately after cracking the bottle. Orange! Orange! Orange! “Almost smells like papago orange blossom,” per The Bearded Gentleman. The smoothness of aroma, body and character is just phenomenal.

At a relatively light 9.4%, this beverage packs massive sophistication in a pleasantly presented, gorgeous pour.  There’s the juicy tropical hop nose and there’s the balanced, biscuity malt on the palate.

With most citrus-heavy beers you find a heavy bitter on the finish, but this Stone Enjoy By 4.20.17 sets itself apart by having just the right bitter that reminds starkly of creamsicle.

So. Good. So good, in fact, this has become the highest rated beer of Manday history to date.

Enjoy By 4.20.17 by Stone Brewing

Enjoy By 4.20.17 by Stone Brewing





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