Punch Seleccion Cigar Review

Punch has been a much-adored brand for the Manday crew for a number of years. Generally known for delightful mild-to-medium cigars that burn well, taste great and pair with anything, Punch has a lot going for it. So on this keen summer day, I set out with a Seleccion on the back deck and gave it a whirl.

Unlike most Punch cigars pre-light, of which there have been many, the Seleccion did not present exceptionally well. Although well kept, the cigar just wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. After punching the end (see what I did there?) I gave it a slight draw and was quite displeased. The flavor and aroma was grassy and bitter, like crushed Tylenol. It almost made me not want to light it up.

Despite the early disagreement with the stick, I gave it fire and gave it a chance. Overall, I’m glad I did. The Seleccion presented better as time went on and sweetened up quite a bit, almost giving it an herbal-infused note that you’d find on something like an ACID Blondie. This flavor stuck around relatively unchanged for the rest of the stick, which was just fine by me.

Overall, not a fantastic smoke, but just fine for a warm afternoon.










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