Aging Room F55M

You may have tried the full-bodied Aging Room Quattro F55 in the past, which features a Sumatra wrapper and is generally quite tasty. In 2013, in fact, it was named Numero Dos in the Cigar of the Year rankings. That’s pretty darn good. So, then, there are naturally high expectations around the F55M, the Mexican San Andres-wrapped evolution.

This is a cigar that, I’ve learned, has quite the strange history. It was a Thompson Cigar Co. exclusive for the first seven months of the year until the IPCPR 2017 event which was the kick-off point for the rest of the cigar industry to stock and sell this stogie. I can’t tell you if that’s a good or bad idea, I don’t know anything about marketing. I’m just paid to smoke cigars and write a paragraph about them in plain English. So, to that part…

I quite enjoyed the F55M. It felt fantastic in the hand, looked very stylish in its box-pressed manner, and rivals the best of the best for burn. The ash held on to this stick longer than any I can remember in recent memory – it was very impressive.

The flavors largely revolve around the nutty-sphere, bringing in a bit of dough and cream as the stick develops. There’s really never any evident heat or disparity, which is a pretty rare feat. Well constructed and well done, indeed.











  • Beautiful
  • Well constructed
  • Great smoke

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