Cohiba SPECTRE Cigar Review

I’m taking a little extra caution with this review since the Spectre is new, noteworthy, and I haven’t seen many reviews for them out there. This stick was released only this month at the IPCPR 2018 and made headlines with it’s retail price tag of $90 a stick.

As far as appearance goes, the Spectre is imposing. From the construction to the labeling, the Spectre commands attention and respect. Inside though is what is most impressive. Cohiba announced that the Spectre was made from eight tobaccos that were grown in five separate countries, with additional aging conducted in sherry barrels for some of the leaves. Beyond that, they noted that only two people were trusted to make every single one of these cigars. One buncher and one roller. That’s it.

Inside are Honduran Jamastran, La Entrada and OSA tobaccos along with Nicaraguan Esteli from two separate crop years, and some very vintage Dominican piloto cubano. Combined, they make for an absolutely amazing smoking experience. Generally I’m the guy that refuses to get on board with things that are outrageously exclusive, normally chalking them up to marketing gimmicks. And while there is always a little bit of that in every new product brought to market, this cigar really is something exceptional.

There’s a tremendously delicious sweetness about this stick that warms the palate and sticks around to drift in the smoke. The draw is exceptionally smooth and full and the smoke is thick, balanced and complex. As the cigar burns and develops, the sweetness thankfully sticks around but is joined by a depth of espresso bean and toast. Really, this is a fantastic cigar.

Cohiba was obviously reaching for the stars with this one, and they hit the mark.

SPECTRE by Cohiba











  • Unique sweetness
  • Gorgeous construction
  • Incredible body

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