Ventura Cigar 2018 FATHERS, FRIENDS and FIRE Cigar Review

I’m a little late to this party, but so glad I showed up for dessert. Ventura Cigar, the capo di tutti capi of brands such as Archetype, Psyko Seven, Project 805, Slaughterhouse and Pura Sangre (RIP), among others, released this limited edition a few months back. It’s a special stick blended by┬áIndiana Ortez, daughter of […]

Nat Sherman TIMELESS SUPREME Cigar Review

This TIMELESS SUPREME from Nat Sherman was released at the recent IPCPR, and it’s quite the treat. This cigar is like a powdered cocoa bomb; delicious, sweet, full of rich smoke and an absolutely perfect burn. Nat Sherman hasn’t always lived up to its traditional hype, in my opinion, but this one knocks it out […]