Ventura Cigar 2018 FATHERS, FRIENDS and FIRE Cigar Review

I’m a little late to this party, but so glad I showed up for dessert. Ventura Cigar, the capo di tutti capi of brands such as Archetype, Psyko Seven, Project 805, Slaughterhouse and Pura Sangre (RIP), among others, released this limited edition a few months back. It’s a special stick blended by Indiana Ortez, daughter of Omar Ortez. And, using a Habano Ecuador wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler, she made sure this turned out amazingly well.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’d cover a cigar that only available in June and one you probably can’t get any longer. Well, a few reasons. One, I’ve never been accused of being timely. Two, there are only a couple of hundred people who read this blog each month, so the criticism should be relatively small. And lastly, I can only review what I smoke, and I finally got around to smoking this, so it’s what I’ve got to work with.

Prior to lighting, this cigar already strikes you with its presentation. The coffin box the sticks come in is well made and heavy, giving you a sense of quality that carries over. Once you remove the band and slide the box open, you’re given two twine wrapped cigars that are dark, beautiful and feel great once placed in the hand. The aroma is rich and cocoa-laden and those notes exist immediately upon lighting.

Right off the bat I enjoy sweetness and soft wood notes. The smoke is full and enjoyable and you can tell you’re smoking something of quality from first draw. A lot of cigars have a ho-hum demeanor about them but set themselves up for success by flavor or body or one specific feature. This cigar really does a great job of putting everything together, though, and that remains present throughout.

After a short while I started getting some subdued pepper flavors, which made me think of one of those chili-flavored dark chocolate bars those expensive companies put out. It’s pleasant, and not entirely common, which is a nice touch. These sweet, lightly spicy flavors remain throughout the rest of the cigar.

Overall the burn was very even, requiring no touch-ups, and the draw was spot on. Very enjoyable smoke!











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