Bulleit BARREL STRENGTH (2018) Bourbon Whiskey Review

This year’s Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey in my cabinet checks out at a deliciously hot 61.7%. And my-oh-my is it tasty.

So here’s a long story made somewhat short: Prior to a trip to Las Vegas, I saw this at my local Total Wine for $79.99, BEFORE the asinine Washington State taxes. I went to a TW south of the Las Vegas Strip and saw it for a much more reasonable $53.99. Later that day, I happened upon a Costco and went inside… to find this for $19.97. Not kidding. I’m also not kidding that I momentarily considered renting a van to buy both pallets in front of me and drive them home. But anyway, onto the review.

This Barrel Strength certainly pours with distinction. The first sip has a lot of punch to it, coming with layers of deep vanilla character. After taking a few minutes to breathe and chill–I use two cubes over 100 proof–oak and caramel shines through brilliantly. The finish lingers with a marshmallow-like film that holds the flavor on the palate. Really, really enjoyable stuff, and at the price, it’s unbelievable.

Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey











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