Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Review

This gigantic bottle of EW love was something like a Value Meal cheaper in Nevada than it is in my state, Washington (the left one). So, naturally, on my last visit to check out the shiny lights and crazy people (no offense), I had to pick it up.

A bargain in the Bottled-in-Bond world, this one doesn’t disappoint. On pouring, it shows a nice, golden color and offers a distinct nose of vanilla.

100 proof is kind of a minimum in my wheelhouse, so it’s just so convenient that in this sense, BiB can never let me down (legal requirements and all, you know). This one offers a silky mouthfeel with a quickly dissipating alcohol tingle and I can’t help but notice there’s light, almost wood-chip flavors on the finish.

This isn’t my favorite bonded juice, but I like it. It’s underwhelming for 100 proof, but it sure is tasty. You could put work in on this and still have a fresh palate.

Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond










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