2016 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Review

First of all sorry for the bad picture. I took it in a dimly lit bar that was only charging $12 for a pour of this. It’s Von’s 1000 Spirits in downtown Seattle (Since I knew you would want to know).

This is an excellent bourbon. The 2016 Small Batch LE is a blend of three of Four Roses ten recipes. Two of them are their low rye mashbill and one their high rye. Two of bourbons are 12 years old and the other 16, and it’s bottled at barrel proof (which is a low 111.2).

These LE releases really benefit from the additional aging and you can tell from just smelling it. It has a fantastic nose with a surprising amount of oak. The bourbon is a little thin, but nothing terrible. It has a great amount of oak, but not as much as the smell would lead on. It has the classic Four Roses unique floral taste, but more delicate (which could be from how long, I’m assuming, this bottle has been open). At only 111 proof, it is an easy drinking barrel proof bourbon. I prefer their lower rye recipes, and this one was really enjoyable for me. The blend with some of the higher rye, as well as the extra age really made this a great pour.

Get it if you can find it. At around $130 retail two years ago, this one now goes for $230 on the secondary market. That is relatively low compared to some of the other years, so I would definitely wouldn’t hesitate if you are willing to pay secondary prices. I am not, so I’m happy with my $12 pour at the bar.

2016 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch











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