WhistlePig Old World Cask Strength Whiskey Review

This is my first taste of a WhistlePig product. At 12 years, I’d say this is a pretty good one to start with.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations for this product. I thought the color a little light for its age, but with a blend of finishes, there’s ample reasons for its unique characteristics.

Being a Rye I figured there would be a lot of spice to this pour, but was quite surprised to get ample sweetness. It really didn’t taste much like a rye at all. The marriage of three finishes certainly provides a one-off expression that is something quite spectacular. Out here in Washington though you’re looking at over $150 a bottle post-taxes, which I think would just be too much to pay for this.

WhistlePig Old World Cask Strength

WhistlePig Old World Cask Strength





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