IRISH Blessing Coffee Stout Beer Review

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we here at ManDay Monday are drinking Boulder Beer Company’s Irish Blessing Oak-Aged Coffee Stout. It’s kind of tasty, too! It’s hard to branch out from Guinness on Saint Patrick’s Day, but it’s harder still to turn down a coffee stout aged on Tullamore DEW-soaked oak chips. We sacrifice. […]

Deschutes FRESH HAZE IPA Beer Review

I was super stoked awhile back when I walked through my local WinCo grocery store and found Fresh Squeezed IPA in cans. I’ve long been a fan, so it was just fortuitous that it came in a sweet, tasty 19.2-ounce canned offering for a whopping $2.59. Now, yesterday, I go back and as I head […]

Founders Barrel Runner Beer Review

Founders makes my all time favorite easy drinking beer–All Day IPA–and I’m a huge fan of a lot of their other offerings. Barrel Runner here, their aged offering, just doesn’t do it for me though. It’s a cross between a rum-tinged pale and a slightly fruity, less attractive rum-based cocktail. I don’t hate it, but […]

MELVIN Killer Bees Blonde Ale

This is not good beer. There lacks any hint of honey and the astringent aftertaste is likely the only thing “killer” about this beverage. It tastes like a slightly-less offensive Bud Light, but I’m not sure that it’s by a terribly measurable degree. If you like Bud Light, and we love you anyway if so, […]

Tenebris Imperial Stout by Cerveceria Legion

This beer was brought back by The Bearded Gentleman and left to age a few months. Due to its Russian Imperial backbone we figured that would do it well. Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure that aging is the ticket for this beverage. There is a bitterness that hits the palate right off with this and […]

120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head

This is the Big Dog from Dogfish Head. The 120 minute IPA trumps all the other -minute IPA’s in fit and finish and boy, is it an excellent beverage. Heavy on the syrup, sweet and long-lasting, this honey-hewed IPA is by all accounts one of the finest in the craft beer-ing world. It’s heavy on […]

Helles Hefe Weizen by Tucher

This beverage was picked up a block away from the beautiful sandy shores of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. The beers of that beautiful country are slightly limited, so it was time to branch out. What was found at the Blackbeard Spirits store on West Bay Road? This bottle from Tucher, of course. This […]

Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout

This coffee stout would be a nice introductory beer for your friend who likes coffee but also happens to drink Coors Light (Or Bud Light, Miller Light, whatever-Lite). Having the widget to release nitrogen is a fun little new experience for the uninitiated and offers this beer a smoothness that reminds of espresso and an […]

Innis & Gunn Whiskey Aged Stout

There is not a malty beverage that doesn’t benefit from aging on oak chips or spirals, and you can take that to the bank. This Innis & Gunn offering is no chump, and it’s a perfect example of aging beauty. Ringing in at a respectable 7.4%, this whiskey aged beverage presents with ample whiskey flavor […]