The Waldos’ Special Ale by Lagunitas

This review was difficulty to write as we floated in the celestial clouds of The Waldos’ deliciousness. A creamy, gorgeous, no-way-this-is-11.9% beer of the Gods. Ah, Lagunitas, you done good. You done real good. The Waldos’ reminds us of Undercover mixed with Maximus – strong ale oozing through with hoppiness. It’s everything you want, really, […]

Enjoy By 4.20.17 by Stone Brewing

“Brewed to be enjoyed within 37 days.” Well, we drank it within about three hours of Deagle bringing it into the Manday Monday lair. The nose hits you immediately after cracking the bottle. Orange! Orange! Orange! “Almost smells like papago orange blossom,” per The Bearded Gentleman. The smoothness of aroma, body and character is just […]

Peanut Butter Latte by Belching Beaver Brewing

It’s hard to reconcile a “Stout” that presents with this color, but we’re ready, willing, and able to take the dive and explore this strange life event. And to channel our inner Dave Niehaus, MY-OH-MY are we glad we did (that’s a nod to the Mariners actually winning today). This beer just screams of peanut […]

The Warm-Up: IPAPAYA India Pale Ale by Full Sail

While we await the Magnificent Manday arrival of The Bearded Gentleman, we are warming up with this Full Sail offering of Ipapaya India Pale Ale. Deagle calls the price “just right,” and we both find it disturbingly refreshing. As the weather grows warmer (in some places, not here in Seattle though), this is a beverage […]

La Mort Bourbon by Black Raven Brewing

Style: Belgian Dark ABV: 11.3% As we sit on the Manday Porch, in our zero-gravity recliners, we ask ourselves, “How do we review La Mort?” The immediate answer is, “How do we not?” There’s a beautiful burgundy color and an octane you can taste. This beverage leaves a stonefruit film on your palate that is […]

Son of a Baptist (Release #16) by Epic Brewing

Style: Stout ABV: 7.8% It’s a coffee-neutron bomb, per The Bearded Gentleman! Peppery espresso with a follow-up of hard-hitting chocolate. It’s like drinking a full-bodied Americano that’ll get you drunk, right quick! This is a delicious coffee stout that has all of the character of its Papa but with so much more drinkability.

Razzed by Skookum

Style: Milk Stout ABV: 6.8% So much raspberry on the nose it makes you feel like you’re walking through a summer field of ripe raspberry bushes. Ho-ly cow. Despite all of the fruit-flavored power, this beer still retains its milk stout body with that same glorious, luscious mouthfeel. The caveat to that is that you […]

Wisdom Seeker by Black Raven

Style: Double IPA This Manday’s first shot across the bow – Wisdom Seeker! We consider Manday an enlightening event, so why wouldn’t this beer just be perfect? Rhetorical question. It is. Subtle floral notes, slight hop, and an understatement with how strong a beer this is (8.9%). Could get you in trouble quickly, says the […]

MOKAH by Southern Tier Brewing

Style: Imperial Stout There aren’t many beers that we would go to the trouble of using an Instagram filter on, but this one is so special, we did. You see that? I don’t even use Instagram but I filtered this baby. It’s that good. Southern Tier is known for excellence, and this may be their […]