Ventura Cigar 2018 FATHERS, FRIENDS and FIRE Cigar Review

I’m a little late to this party, but so glad I showed up for dessert. Ventura Cigar, the capo di tutti capi of brands such as Archetype, Psyko Seven, Project 805, Slaughterhouse and Pura Sangre (RIP), among others, released this limited edition a few months back. It’s a special stick blended by┬áIndiana Ortez, daughter of […]

Nat Sherman TIMELESS SUPREME Cigar Review

This TIMELESS SUPREME from Nat Sherman was released at the recent IPCPR, and it’s quite the treat. This cigar is like a powdered cocoa bomb; delicious, sweet, full of rich smoke and an absolutely perfect burn. Nat Sherman hasn’t always lived up to its traditional hype, in my opinion, but this one knocks it out […]

Cohiba SPECTRE Cigar Review

I’m taking a little extra caution with this review since the Spectre is new, noteworthy, and I haven’t seen many reviews for them out there. This stick was released only this month at the IPCPR 2018 and made headlines with it’s retail price tag of $90 a stick. As far as appearance goes, the Spectre […]

CAMACHO Connecticut Cigar Review

Now this is a creamy smoke. Plenty of grassy notes with a hint of lemon on the palate. It’s lighter than I usually prefer my Camacho’s but it has such deep, creamy smoke that I just can’t help but love it.

Aging Room F55M

You may have tried the full-bodied Aging Room Quattro F55 in the past, which features a Sumatra wrapper and is generally quite tasty. In 2013, in fact, it was named Numero Dos in the Cigar of the Year rankings. That’s pretty darn good. So, then, there are naturally high expectations around the F55M, the Mexican […]

Macanudo Inspirado White Label Review

Straight from IPCPR 2017, the Macanudo Inspirado White Label offers you a delicious treat in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This is a medium-bodied smoke that offers plenty of creamy, bread-inspired smoke. Ensuring an enjoyable smoking experience, the construction on this stick was excellent. The burn was even right down to the nub and the draw […]

Punch Seleccion Cigar Review

Punch has been a much-adored brand for the Manday crew for a number of years. Generally known for delightful mild-to-medium cigars that burn well, taste great and pair with anything, Punch has a lot going for it. So on this keen summer day, I set out with a Seleccion on the back deck and gave […]

Pistoff Kristoff Cigar Review

Smoked by Dreamy The Pistoff Kristoff is a little unusual as far as cigars go. The name, obviously, strikes a unique chord, but the composition has its own style, too. It features a San Andres wrapper with lesser-seen Indonesian binder. Then we have a pigtail cap and, to boot (pun intended), the foot is closed […]

Archetype Axis Mundi by Ventura Cigar Co.

Smoked by Deagle On initial light the Axis Mundi presents an oak profile with hints of vanilla. As it continues to burn it develops into heartier wood notes with a pleasant, smooth spice. The Axis Mundi is top-flight in presentation and composition, long on its ash and full in body. There may well be better […]